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High Level Throwing

Youth Baseball Strength

Youth Baseball Strength

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The Youth BASEBALL Training or Youngblood Training Manual: A Guide to Youth Strength Training was created to help youth athletes (Ages 7-14), Master the Basics and learn the Foundational Blocks of Strength Training!

This simplified and easy to follow digital PDF download, otherwise known as an E-Book, will help parents and coaches teach their young athletes about safe and effective training, exercise technique, basic programming, on-field training options and much, much more! This program is a 24-Week Youth Strength Training Program.

The training is separate into 3-Month Blocks. The Beginner/Intermediate Program is 12-Weeks and the Advanced Program is 12-Weeks. Once you finish the 24-Weeks (6-month program), you can cycle back through the program again, increasing the intensity (load or weight), to challenge yourself even more!

The Youth Baseball Strength Book Includes:

  • Exercise Video Library - Vimeo Access
  • Program Format/Structure
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Warm-Up Progressions
  • Fun Conditioning Options
  • Fun Agility Options
  • 12-Week Beginner/Intermediate Strength Program
  • 12-Week Advanced Strength Program
  • On-Field Training Options
  • Lifetime Access to Updates

***One Last Thing – This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You will receive the PDF upon purchase. All Sales Are Final – I cannot offer refunds for electronic products. *** Online support is available if needed. Please email with any questions, concerns or exercise modifications needed.

When you purchase this product, you will receive an email receipt with a link to download The Youngblood Training Manual as well as the password to gain access into the exercise video library!

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