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High Level Throwing

Softball Throwing Book

Softball Throwing Book

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The High Level Throwing® Softball Edition Book is the most used overhand throwing book in the United States and Canada, offering over 70 instructional videos on softball overhand throwing mechanics! We work with Youth, Travel, High School, College and Professional Softball Coaches and Players, including Team USA Olympians! We also consult for private facilities and college/travel programs on overhand throwing development! You will receive the following program components:
  • Assessments
  • Warm-Up & Movement Training
  • High Level Throwing® Patterning Drills
  • High Level Throwing® Drills d& Progressions
  • Throwing Patterns by Position
  • Off-Season & In-Season Throwing Development
  • Overhand Long Toss Program
  • Post Throw Recovery Methods

The Components

  • Arm Pathway & Shape
  • Hip-Trunk Relationship
  • Lead Arm Patterning
  • Lead Leg Patterns

These patterns are not taught! Drills such as the “L” Drill or “Wrist Flicks” are constantly instructed, taking athletes out of quality throwing patterns. This ultimately leads to a decrease in throwing velocity and an increased risk of shoulder and elbow injuries!

What You Will Get

  • 100 Page Digital Download Book
  • Over 70+ instructional videos
  • Anatomy & Planes of Movement
  • Assessments & Warm-Ups
  • High Level Throwing® Components
  • Common Throwing Issues
  • Throwing Patterns by Position
  • High Level Throwing® Drills & Progressions
  • Program Design for Rec, Travel, High School & College Players
  • Post Throw Recovery & Recovery Week Integration
  • *Lifetime Access to Updates

What Happens When You Buy The Book?

When you make the purchase, you will receive an Email Receipt with the link to download the PDF file. Save this email as you can always refer back to it to re-download the product.

I have seen too many softball athletes throw with poor patterns and too many coaches still instructing the same drills that reinforce these poor throwing patterns. I want to share my specialized knowledge on how to create and reinforce the High Level Throwing® Pattern!

A Digital Product (E-Book) is the best way for me to reach out to those who want to teach and learn The High Level Throwing® Program. With video content and frequent updates, I am able to communicate with my readers and have a chance to interact with them on a regular basis. You are not just buying a book, you are buying specialized knowledge! ***One Last Thing – This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You will receive the PDF upon purchase. All Sales Are Final – I cannot offer refunds for electronic products. ***

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