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High Level Throwing

Lightning Ball Plyo Set

Lightning Ball Plyo Set

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About this item

Used with our flagship training books, The High Level Throwing® Baseball & Softball Edition Books, these Plyo Balls can be used for Pitching, Throwing, Arm Care, Arm Strength, Velocity Development and Pattern Training for athletes of all ages!

You will receive a FREE Lightning Ball Downloadable Training Guide (sent directly to your email upon purchase), to help get you started on maximizing your pitching and throwing patterns! 

The Lightning Ball Training Set are Standard 12” SOFTBALL Size (3.8” diameter) with a soft, pliable (plyo) outer shell filled with a non-toxic sand. The set comes with 4 different colored weighted balls that are used for Warm-Up, Arm Patterning and High Level Throwing® Drills! These are programmed for you in the training guide!

  • (1) Black – 2lb
  • (1) Blue – 1lb
  • (1) Pink – 9oz
  • (1) Green – 7oz

Care Instructions

The Lightning Balls are smooth and durable, and can be thrown at various speeds, including max effort speeds, against specific wall surfaces and netting.

If the wall surface is rough (such as cinder block walls or metal fencing), you might cut the ball OR pop the valve out.  We recommend throwing off of the following surfaces as well as care instructions for your Lightning Ball Training Set!

  • Throw off of smooth wall surfaces or netting/screening. Cover cinder block walls or plywood with carpet tiles, rubber flooring rolls or rubber square padding.
  • Pump up your lightning balls using a hand held pump if it needs air.
  • Store them in a bag or backpack so they don’t get damaged.


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