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High Level Throwing

HLT Baseball Bundle

HLT Baseball Bundle

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The BUNDLE deal includes the following!
  • Our flagship High Level Throwing® Baseball Edition E-Book, which is one of the most used overhand throwing books in the US and Canada, offering instructional videos on baseball overhand throwing mechanics!
  • The Lightning Ball Training Set (4 Balls), used with our flagship training guide, can be used for Arm Care, Arm Strength, Velocity Development and Pattern Training for Baseball & Softball players of all ages! The Get Started Guide comes in the book!
  • Our Slime Green Lightning Bands are a great tool for Baseball & Softball Players to warm-up their body appropriately prior to any throwing or training session! We offer them in just ONE resistance and tension. Made custom in the USA!
The High Level Throwing® Baseball Edition E-Book has videos on the following components:
  • High Level Throwing® System Overview
  • Patterning & Re-Mapping Drills
  • Lightning Band Arm Care Series
  • Throwing Drills by Position
  • How To Troubleshoot Throwing Mechanics
  • Long Toss Protocols
  • Post Throwing Stretches & Soft Tissue Work!
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High Level Throwing® Components

  1. Arm Pathway & Shape
  2. Hip-Trunk Relationship
  3. Lead Arm Patterning
  4. Lead Leg Patterning
    These patterns are not taught! Drills such as the “L” or “Wrist Flicks” are constantly instructed, destroying proper movement patterns and inhibiting the above components. This ultimately leads to a decrease in throwing velocity and an increased risk of shoulder and elbow injuries!

What You Will Get!

  • 100+ Page Downloadable PDF Book
  • Over 70 Instructional Videos
  • High Level Throwing® Patterns by Position
  • High Level Throwing® Drills & Progressions
  • Programming for Rec, Travel, HS, College + Pro
  • High Level Throwing® Band Series & Long Toss Protocol!
  • *Lifetime Access to Updates

What Happens When You Buy The E-Book?

When you make the purchase, you will automatically receive an Email Receipt with the link to download the High Level Throwing® Digital PDF (E-Book). Check your SPAM if you don't see it come through within a few minutes! Save this email as you can always refer back to it to re-download the document. We will then ship out your Lightning Balls & Lightning Band order! A Digital Product (E-Book) is the best way for me to reach out to those who want to teach and learn The High Level Throwing® Program. With video content and frequent updates, I am able to communicate with my readers and have a chance to interact with them on a regular basis. You are not just buying a book, you are buying specialized knowledge on overhand throwing development!      ***One Last Thing – This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You will receive the PDF upon purchase. All Sales Are Final – I cannot offer refunds for electronic products. *** 


The Lightning Balls are smooth and durable, and can be thrown at various speeds, including max effort speeds, against specific wall surfaces and netting. If the wall surface is rough (such as cinder block walls or metal fencing), you might cut the ball OR pop the valve out.  We recommend throwing off of the following surfaces as well as care instructions for your Lightning Ball Training Set!
  • Throw off of smooth wall surfaces or netting/screening. Cover cinder block walls or plywood with carpet tiles, rubber flooring rolls or rubber square padding.
  • Pump up your lightning balls using a hand held pump if it needs air.
  • Store them in a bag or backpack so they don't get damaged.
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