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High Level Throwing

Softball Summer Throwing

Softball Summer Throwing

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Are you a college softball athlete struggling with what to do this summer for a throwing warm-up?

Stop guessing what you or your team’s throwing warm-up should be and learn how to make it effective, consistent AND practical with High Level Throwing®.

The landscape of teaching throwing mechanics has changed! Throwing is a series of movement patterns and sequencing! Athletes need to learn movements THROUGH positions of the throw, instead of practicing the same old, static positional set ups like the L-Drill and Wrist Flicks!

This Summer Throwing Guide includes the following:

  • Warm Up & Prep Work
  • Pre-Throwing Drills & Patterning
  • Medicine Ball Throws
  • Hip Mobility & Low Back Exercises
  • High Level Throwing® Drills
  • Video Tutorials & Athlete Breakdowns
  • 8-Week Throwing Program
  • Lightning Ball Training
  • Recovery Training

***One Last Thing – This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You will receive the PDF upon purchase. All Sales Are Final – I cannot offer refunds for electronic products. ***

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